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Smart Home – what is it?

Smart Home is usually refers to Home Automation. It is equipped with inter-connected products that automate, optimise and give control over different functions such as security access, temperature, humidity, lighting, home entertainment and more, locally or remotely. With current boom in technologies almost anything in our daily life can be made smarter, be it our garden, office, garage or any other similar objects.

Of course, this technology works in different ways for different people, ages and lifestyles. But there are three most notable benefits for everybody. Firstly, increased convenience, which allows to facilitate our everyday tasks. Secondly, peace of mind with the opportunity to control our homes in real time from anywhere in the world. And last but not least, it’s the opportunity to lower energy bills with pretty significant savings in the long run.

How to choose your Smart Home technology? And why choose iZba?

It’s very easy to get lost in all the smart home platforms, devices, brands out there. Each brand has its own app (or voice assistant technology) for accessing and controlling its smart devices. However they are not inter-compatible and limited in the number of devices you can connect. If you use different brands it can get very confusing and frustrating.

But it does not have to be that way! There is an option to create one ecosystem which will give you flexibility, user-friendliness and easy operation eliminating the need to browse through multiple apps on your home and going through other hoops.

One solution. One ecosystem.

Versatile & Scalable

With our iZba smart hub you can have a reliable ecosystem in your home which works with thousands smart sensors and devices (Zigbee, Z-wave, radio, Wifi, Bluetooth etc). Whatever your wish for home automation, consider it granted. Even if you already have some smart gadgets in your home, e.g. smart bulbs, sockets, thermostats etc., now is the great time to bring them all together into one ecosystem.

You can start small and build on so your home will be getting smarter and smarter.

Privacy focused

All the communication between our iZba smart hub and smart devices in your home happens locally through your home network or local wireless or wired protocols unless retrofitting existing devices without local control capability. Your home can optionally be controlled remotely through a web interface or mobile app via secure connection. And unlike other technologies using cloud to run your home, iZba smart hub helps to run your system at home, you will not depend on internet connection or third party cloud services for local control and automations to work. If you are thinking of the type of solution which runs 100% without any exposure to the outside world, this is also an option!

User friendly

You will be able to control your home with your phone, tablet, computer, voice assistant but also manually, old fashioned way. All at the same time! So those in your household who don’t feel like using a technology won’t have to adapt to it but can continue doing things like they are used to. If your Internet connection goes down for some reason, all the smart gadgets will still be in operation.

Local & Global

We are a local business, but our technology is powered by the world’s largest open source smart home system which has been running in thousands of homes all over the world, is secure, privacy-focused and thoroughly tested.

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