Case studies

4-bed residence, Pitstone, Bucks

iZba Smart Solutions designed, supplied and installed an integrated system for automation of lighting, heating, audio and security.

Client brief

To design, supply and install a seamless smart home solution incorporating lighting, heating, audio, security and other quality of life elements and enabling central control of all smart devices across the 4-bed house itself, garden and a garage. Allow to add functions and control later on for other areas of the property. Integrate existing multi room Honeywell thermostat.

At the back end create automation cues and triggers for connected devices, e.g. garden lights triggered by opening doors, bathroom fans triggered when increased humidity is detected, lights triggered by time of the day, or opening/closing doors etc, get notified when leak or smoke is detected in the house.

Ensure that smart home solution is user-friendly and offers easy and intuitive access for all family members.

Address privacy concern.


iZba’s team used its own smart home solution as a platform for new smart home eco-system. The other products, used included:

Smart lighting: bulbs, light switches including additional wireless switches installed in additional places.

Smart sensors: door/window, motion, water leak, temperature, humidity and pressure, smoke and CO.

Smart heating: integrate existing Honeywell thermostat – allow for control of temperature separately for different rooms, including remote scheduling.

Smart alarms: (CO, smoke and burglar)

Smart lock: keyless entry, programmable smart cards, with the ability to remotely generate limited time pin-codes


iZba’s team installed and set up a smart home eco-system using latest smart home technology based on Zigbee, WiFi, MQTT and ZWave protocols. Various functions can now be accessed by residents using physical touch (e.g. smart light switches), via their personal phones, tablets, smart watches and through a dashboard wall panel installed in the dining area. All functions are controlled locally, with no risk of non-authorized access. Also, home eco-system can be accessed remotely via a secure connection.

Residents can proactively monitor their home by logging into the app and also receive various alerts to their personal devices in connection with various functions and triggers.

Smart heating – individual room temperature control integrated with the ability to control heating individually in each room and on schedule. Remote control set up.

Smart lighting – energy efficient smart LED light bulbs installed in master bedroom together with a smart light switch and dimmer which allows control for the lighting in the whole house (e.g. turn all lights off), scene control and schedules. Other bedrooms and spaces benefit from smart light switches, some of which are mains powered and some are additional battery operated switches for added convenience. Garage lights (inside and outside) are triggered by external factors, e.g. door open/closed, time of the day and motion.

Smart security – iZba smart system monitors for water leaks, smoke, CO, doors, windows and motion inside and outside of the house. It sends alerts of all the cases of entry into the house and garage, or triggers the alarm including from panic button. Smart cameras installed indoors and outside, alerting and recording should any human motion has been detected.

Customer feedback

“Absolutely splendid job by the team. Amazing how advance technology has become and that it does not cost a fortune to have all these cool devices in your house. Very satisfied and grateful to the team”

Farm, Marsworth, Bucks

iZba’s team is a designer and supplier of the smart system for monitoring vastly spread farm land.

Client brief

To design, supply and install a solution to monitor farm field both day and nighttime. To incorporate motion detection alongside with the type of motion, sensors to trigger camera recordings and alerts to owners’ handheld devices.

Allow to add functions and control later on for other areas of the property.


Array of cameras and infrared night time projectors to be installed across the estate connected to a central smart hub which analyzes video stream to detect motion from up to 300 metres distance, trigger alerts and recognize objects using Machine Learning algorithms.

Smart hub at the heart of the solution will also be used for property automation and monitoring, and intrusion detection.


Project in progress

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