Examples of application in your home

Below you can find some ideas of what can be done in your home.


Show every passerby you are home even if you are miles away

Switch your reading lights on/off with your phone

Turn the lights on/off automatically when you enter your home, or turn your garden lights on/off at a particular time

Have additional light switch wherever you want: it’s wireless and can be by your bed, stuck to the wall or anywhere you like

Convenience & Quality of life

Control your cleaning robot when you are not home

Receive alerts from your doorbell to your phone not to wake your baby up

Switch on/off television from your phone, check on what your kids are watching at the moment

Always access accurate temperature figures indoors and outside

Have your bathroom fan turn on automatically when the level of humidity is high

Have your bedroom blinds open automatically with dawn or at a particular time.


Have emergency button by your side in case you need to ask for help

Receive alerts to your phone when someone else enters your home through any of the doors or if your windows suddenly open

Receive alerts when someone opens your garage door or simply have the lights turn on automatically when you open your garage

Receive alerts when the garden door is unlocked

Check who is at your door on your phone, tablet or computer.

Receive alerts from your security or smoke alarm to your phone, tablet, smart watch or computer


Set up heating schedules for your thermostat, e.g. program it to not turn heating on during the day if you are at work or on holiday, to turn heating off completely if some rooms are not in frequent use

There are literally hundreds of options! If you are unsure of what you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help and no job is small for us! We offer free surveys and provide no obligation quotes.