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Take your home under your control

What is the first thing you do when you get up? Turn the lights on? Open your bedroom blinds? Turn on the radio, television or a coffee machine?

Imagine if some or all of the above was automated for you? Your window blinds would open at particular time, your coffee machine would start brewing your fresh coffee, your kitchen lights would be on and ready for you to come and enjoy a cuppa…

Are you worried when you left your home? If you shut all the doors and windows, if your iron is switched off, if you left tap running…

Imagine, you would be able to quickly check everything remotely sitting in your office chair, and to switch things off if necessary. You would be able to check if your cat has already come back home or not, and alerted if there is water leak in the kitchen etc…

Are you coming back to a cold house? But would prefer to find your home cosy and warm after a long day out?

Imagine, you would be able to switch your heating on before coming back from your lovely winter holidays…

Are you worried about your older loved ones? And would like to check on them remotely once in a while and know immediately if something is wrong?

Imagine, you would be able to proactively check on your loved once remotely, or receive alerts if something is wrong and be able to instantly see what is happening…

That’s what Smart Home is about – it gives you comfort by giving you full control over your home devices, and peace of mind by giving you ability to proactively check on things.

Turnkey solution

As with anything there is no one size fits all and our job is to find the right option for a particular customer. Our package will always consist of the main iZba Smart hub and additional sensors and other devices. Hardware is assembled by our team here in the UK and is powered by the world’s largest open source smart home platform. However, the way we integrate all of the above together will depend on the requirements, needs and existing infrastructure. Many of the devices are wireless, so no re-wiring is required!

Your smart home can keep getting smarter

You don’t necessarily need to implement smart home technology to your full estate in one go. One of the approaches can be to start small and build on solving different problems. Our iZba smart home solution allows for that kind of approach as you can add more devices automating more processes as you go.

Technology that adapts to you

You will be able to control your home with any smart phone, tablet, computer, voice assistant and what is important you will still be able to control everything manually as well. All at the same time without the need to adapt to technology for those who don’t feel like it.

One ecosystem

With our iZba smart home solution you can have a reliable ecosystem in your home which works with hundreds of brands and types of smart sensors and devices (Zigbee, Z-wave, 433 MHz, Wifi etc). So whatever your wish for automation, consider it granted.

Here are the examples of most common types of devices which can be automated. There are many more of them, literally hundreds.

Even if you already have some smart gadgets in your home, e.g. smart lights, sockets, thermostats etc., now is the time to bring them all together into one ecosystem with our iZba smart home solution.

Proactive and reactive control and automations

Our iZba smart home solution is not only about being able to control your lights or your heating from your phone, tablet or computer, but most importantly it’s about automating things and processes when one action can trigger another and another and so on. For example, the lights in particular rooms can be turned on at dusk and/or if motion has been detected your alarm might trigger your siren provided that you are not detected at home at this very moment. You set it up once, and you don’t need to worry about anything else. Everything is automated.

User friendly interface

With our software schedules can be easily created to automate various areas and functions in your home and alerts can be set up as you like it best. You will have customizable dashboards to see the status of your home at a glance.

Control your home from anywhere

We can set up a remote control for you and you will be able to access your home in real time, change settings and alerts. This feature is also beneficial if you care for someone as it allows you to be informed and interact if the need be.

Technology benefits

Who will benefit from our solution? Absolutely everybody. Whether you are a home owner or a tenant, busy parent or business owner, you will love the extra convenience and peace of mind home automation can give.

Now let’s begin, shall we?

If you you have ideas for your home, simple improvements or a major project, please get in touch. We will be happy to have a chat, do a free survey and get you a no obligation quote.

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